*Source for the following information is 2013 interview with Gil Losi Jr

Team Losi got its start in the early 80s making pinions and spur gears. They also made nerf bars for Tamiya cars. A lot of the parts were handmade in the shop.

Gil Losi Sr and Gil Losi Jr later started making hop-up parts for Yokomo and Team Associated kits. They also helped design some of the early Team Associated kits like the RC10 and RC10L. They stopped making the hop-up parts for RC10 after their supplier stopped manufacturing the parts. The supplier quit making the parts and got a “real job”. Continuing to make them “the right way” would have been too expensive.

Team Losi really got going as their own kit company after problems with Team Associated and Yokomo.

When it came time to make the JRX2 Gil Sr and Team Losi needed a large sum of money to finance the production. The Ranch Pit Stop track and store helped a lot but they needed more money and Gil Sr took a loan on the house to help. Some other money also came from undisclosed groups.

Money for the production was not the only problem to tackle. A lot of machine shops in the area did not want to work with them. These machine shops were a little gun shy from past dealings with the slot car industry. The collapse of the slot car hobby had left many of them with unpaid bills from slot car companies.

Team Losi needed a lot of custom machined parts made for the new JRX2 kit. They eventually made a deal with an area two person machine shop and Gil Losi Jr went in to work as the third person in the machine shop. Gil Jr ended up learning how to actually do production machining. He new before how to design prototypes but before this had never really been involved in actual production of parts.

He would end up making the first runs of axles, turnbuckles, and ballstuds. Just about all the metal parts on the first kits had been custom made for the JRX2. One of the few parts that came from another source was the chrome ball used on the ends of the shocks. They purchased the chrome balls from Rocket City.

The JRX2 had a unique 5 link rear suspension when it came out. An RC10 driven by Gil Jr about 4 years earlier actually had a 5 link rear suspension. At the time it never really caught the interest of anyone at Team Associated.

The JrxT was released later with a longer wheelbase but kept the unique 5 link rear suspension. There was many companies offering kits to convert your Jrx2 into a truck. Losi designed their own version after seeing the demand and essentially killed the market for 3rd party truck conversions meant for the Jrx2.

The Junior introduced the molded chassis to the Team Losi product line. The very first prototypes of the chassis just had a flat surface with one rib or wall along the outer edge of the chassis. After further testing mores walls got added, like the ones that define the battery compartment. The plastic chassis design always had the front brace in the design. The injection molded chassis is far weaker that the earlier laminated graphite chassis and made the front brace a requirement from day one. During early design of the chassis they had been told that the plastic could not go thinner than an eighth of an inch but eventually that was proven to not be the case.

The XX retrofit transmission for the JRXPRO and LXT came out roughly 2 years before the XX buggy.

The front of the XX buggy was originally designed on the JRXPRO chassis. Gil Losi Jr has stated, that in his opinion the prototype with the XX front was one of the best driving and handling buggies of all time.

On the market today is a product called the Duratrax Evader.  The XX buggy and truck design was copied for Duratrax Evader without any approval from Team Losi. It shares many common design elements with the XX. The Evader uses metric measurements and hardware. But some parts from the Evader will fit the XX with little to no modification.

The first XX4 protype was a 2 belt design. There was a long rear belt that ran along side an inline battery holder area. There was then a gearbox in the back that drove the rear wheels.




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