Release Date



Totally new design

Molded chassis

Better suspension setup

Redesigned steering


This a totally new design of buggy. Sharing no major parts with the Jrx-Pro Se.

There was 2 revisions to the original XX, XXCR and XX Kinwald Edition. There was also an entry level model with bushings instead of bearings.

The XXCR had revised rear suspension setup. New arms, new mounts, new hubs and new rear shock tower.

The XX Kinwald has mostly all graphite parts and introduced the Dual Disk slipper.

Rich Trujillo talks about the Chrome XX pictured below. Tom from Pegasus hobbies had mentioned that he was starting to chrome model parts and I thought it would be fun to build a "chrome" XX. He offered to do it for free and for the fun of it, so i gave him a bunch of parts and he did it. I only built it for display purposes only. Later on, Tom did parts for me to build a XXXT. If i recall correctly, the buggy was built with clear plastic diff cups. This clear material was used to test the molds. The shrink was all wrong because of the material so they were just good enough to assemble but not actually function. Both buggy and truck were never driven and both sat up in a box in my attic, so i sold them in hopes someone else would enjoy them.

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