Ball Bearing

Adjustable String Gap


The first yo-yo designs released were Da Bomb and Cherry Bomb. The Da Bomb used a traditional shape and the Cherry Bomb used the butterfly shape. The Cherry Bomb came with Power Rings to add weight in different areas and an optional wooden axle.

The A Line series are made from a harder plastics to reduce wear inside the yo-yo. All of them also come with the Power Rings and the wooden axle.

The Silver Series are chrome plated versions that all come with the Power Rings and wooden axle.

Did about 4-5 million in Yo-Yo sales. Did 1 million in sales first 6 months, cost two dollars and sold for eight.

When Team Losi was sold to Horizon Hobby in 2001, they discontinued yo-yo products.

Rich Trujillo comments on the Yo-Yo line,

  1. I had taken the Team Manager position full time and Jack Johnson had moved on to developing the Yo-yo with Gil Jr. That yo-yo brought in a ton of business for Team Losi and really kept us in a great shape financially but just as quickly as they came in, they went out, and literally it was like turning off a light switch, nobody wanted yoyo's over night.

  2. Gil Jr spent a ton of time with Jack developing these yo-yos. At the time the trick yo-yo's were aluminum and ball bearings...Gil looked at it and was shocked that nobody had done a bearing injection molded yoyo that could sell for less. We used all our same vendors that we used for our R/C stuff, Jack hooked up with profession yo-yo players (Steve Brown being one) and it went from there. Started with the "The Cherry Bomb" butterfly yo-yo, then the "Da Bomb" regular style yo-yo to a Hybrid butterfly which was narrower than a butterfly but wider than a standard yo-yo. At one point we even sold them under the Veriflex brand.