XX and XXT Tips

Originally published by Team Losi

If you are using one of Team Losi’s lightweight aluminum top shaft/gear assemblies, and run your vehicle in an area that is sandy, you should read the following instructions for sealing your transmission housing. Even if you aren’t using the aluminum top shaft, but run in extremely sandy conditions, you might want to give this a try. Once you have rebuilt and cleaned out the transmission housings, lightly lube the gears in the transmission. Team Losi's

Teflon thrust bearing/assembly grease (white) should be used. Remember, only a little lube is necessary.

After you have lubed the gears, run a thin bead of diff grease (clear) along the entire edge of the left transmission housing in the area where the left housing touches the right housing. Running the grease along this edge will help to form a "seal" once the transmission halves are bolted together. Once the diff grease has been applied, bolt the transmission halves together and wipe off any excess grease.

Not only will these easy steps help to seal the transmission, they will also make the transmission quieter and more efficient.

f you have ever tried to remove the steering bushings on your Double-X or Double-XT you know how tough this can be. Here is a simple way to get them out. Find a 4-40 cap-head screw of any length. Slowly start to thread the screw into the bushing. Be sure to apply a slight amount of pressure to the screw so that the threads will start into the bushing. Once the screw has threaded into the bushing (it doesn’t take much) you should be able to pull the screw out along with the bushing.

It is only recommended to use this method of removing the bushing if you plan to replace the bushings with new bushings or bearings. Reusing a bushing that you have removed with this method may cause the steering to bind slightly.