Rally Weapon




Belt driven drive train

Balanced battery design


This model shares all most all parts with the Street Weapon.

It has a lower rear hub for driveshaft clearance, longer shocks, rally spring set, dual purpose rally tires, and Ford Focus body made by Parma.

Rich Trujillo commented,

  1. While I was the Team Manager for Losi way back in the day, I was fooling around with some extra Street Weapons we had sitting around. For fun I decided to build a rally car. If I remember correctly, Brandon Upshaw who was our machinist made me the shocks and shocks shafts and having access to our sticker machine I made up the Rally Weapon logo. Built it strictly for fun.

  2. Pops (Gil Losi Sr) thought it was silly that I had put this together. Ironically we had one of the Car Action editors come to visit us about a new product we were about to release (I can’t recall what it was) and the editor caught me messing around with my Rally car in the parking lot during break. He loved it and couldn't stop talking about it LOL. Pops was a little mad at me for letting him see it since thats all he seemed to want to talk about LOL.

  3. With that visit and our partners in England saying they'd love to have a Rally car, we decided to use the remaining parts we had from the Street Weapon and produced the Rally Weapon.”

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