Welcome to Vintagelosi.com

The goal of this site is to provide information to people interested in finding out about the older Team Losi buggies and trucks.  These are mostly kits that Team Losi has given up on providing support to owners. Vintagelosi.com is not associated with Team Losi Racing, Losi.com, or Horizon Hobby in any fashion.

The Jrx-2 was the first buggy kit released by Team Losi back in 1988. A wide range of buggies and trucks followed from the original Jrx-2 design.  The successor to the JRX family was the XX models. As of April 2013, Vintagelosi.com is proud to now add the XX-4, Street Weapon, Rally Weapon, XX-4 Heavy Metal and even the Team Losi Yo-yo’s to the repository of information.

You will find manuals for many of the kits as well as photos of each vehicle. There is also photos of many of the parts located in the Part Gallery.

If you are looking for manuals and files on more recent XXX Team Losi models head to OLDRC.COM

Feel free to contact Vintagelosi.com with any questions.

Photo by Brandon Collins