Team Losi Jrx Series Rear Hub Options

With the older Team Losi parts getting harder to find it can be good to know what options you have for rear hub parts.

Thankfully Team Losi provided some of the answers to keep running you older Losi buggy or truck on the track. Watch the video on the left and read more below.

If you have a buggy or truck using the a2025 or a2038 rear hub, you can switch between the two without any difficulties. JRX2 and JRXT users who can’t find a2003 would have to switch away from 5 link suspension.

If you can’t find a2025 or a2038 then a2126 may make a good alternative once you locate some other parts. A2126 does have one issue to consider. The hinge pin sits closer to the bearings and axles in the hub. This can cause binding in the drive shaft if the arms droop too low.

One other hub not mentioned in this video that may also work is a9806 1Deg CR Rear Hub Set. This would have been an optional part used instead of a2126.

A2038 vs A2126

From left to right

a2003 a2025 a2038 a2125 a2126