Team Losi RC Racer

Release Date

October 27th, 1998

Developed by Fox Interactive and Gremlin Interactive of Sheffield England.

Historical Info

Gil Jr mentions, ”That was a project Jack Johnson wanted to do and he managed. I don't think we had anything to do with the game. I don't remember anything except Fox Media stole Jack from us after that project. The game was pretty horrible! It was embarrassing!”

There was a special preview party race event in 1998 for the games release. During the Tea Losi/ Trinity Shootout in Dalton, Georgia. There was give aways of shirts and hats. There were two Playstations setup for people to try. The event was capped off with a prize give-a-way drawing. Five of the first place prizes consisted of a Fox Interactive N2O game along with an advance copy of Team Losi RC Racer. The other five first place prizes consisted of a Team Losi jacket (new tan style) and a Team Losi "Da Bomb" yo-yo. The two grand prizes were even better. One included a Team Losi XX-4 kit, Team Losi jacket, and a pre-release Team Losi "Grim Sleeper" yo-yo. The other grand prize included a Sony PlayStation and five current Fox Interactive titles: Fox Sports Golf, Fox Sports Soccer, N2O, Die Hard, and Croc — and an advance copy of Team Losi RC Racer.

Original Promotional Game Description

Blast into high gear as Fox Interactive unleashes an exhilarating new radio-controlled arcade adventure: TEAM LOSI RC RACER, slated to burn rubber on Windows 95 CD-ROM and PlayStation in October, 1998. TEAM LOSI RC RACER will quench your thirst for competition and raw, unconditional speed as you leave behind the beaten path and blaze a trail into an all-new interactive RC racing experience. Fox Interactive worked closely with Team Losi, America's number one radio-controlled car and truck kit manufacturer and race promoter to achieve the most captivating and intense "R/C car" driving experience ever to blast across a TV or computer screen.

Take control of one of 16 tricked-out and charged-up radio-controlled vehicles, zooming through 15 challenging fantasy courses, which offer hair-raising gameplay and surreal exploration of diverse terrain--including 360 degree rollover action. Dash through lush, tropical gardens; jet across sun-swept exotic beaches; ignite a blistering desert show-down; blaze through a high altitude mountain face or plunge into the depths of a subterranean grotto. Strategic steering through colored gates provides energized bursts of speed and grants access to secret areas and bonus fleets of customized super-cars, providing non-stop racing action for fans of all ages.

"Team Losi RC Racer continues our commitment to creating great games based on new and original content, As the recognized leader in the RC business, Team Losi has provided us with vision and credibility in the RC arena. RC Racing suspends the laws of physics and makes racing much more fun," said Jon Richmond, president, Fox Interactive. "We are continuing to expand our interactive line-up beyond core Fox brands."

Both "single" and "two-player" modes offer relentless and renewed challenges. "Time Attack" pits you in a solo pursuit against the clock, or select "Head-to-Head" for ideal two-person gameplay with side-by-side split screen action. Enter one "Single Race" or commit to a full season of races with "Championship" mode. In addition, a variety of gates are strategically placed along the tracks, enticing you to build color-based sequences within the game and 360 degree rollover action.

Team Losi consulted on the physics involved in R/C racing to ensure realistic R/C car handling. R/C Car buffs can also try out TEAM LOSI RC RACER at upcoming Team Losi sponsored events this spring and summer.

TEAM LOSI RC RACER leads the pack with a spellbinding array of 3D effects including real-time shadows, fogging and translucency. Bilinear filtering eliminates pixellation for a super-smooth graphics ride. NEC's Power VR chip super charges TEAM LOSI RC RACER on the PC, which will be compatible with all major 3D graphics cards. On Playstation, TEAM LOSI RC RACER moves into overdrive with the PSX analog controller.

Grand Prize Winners, Robbie Boles and David Compton